EAASY Enters Second Year!

EAASY Enters Second Year!

EAASY logoEAASY Supporters,

We have started our second calendar year and could not be more excited about the projects we are working on this year.

Each of our highlighted charities made great strides in 2010 but none probably more so than the Oracabessa Foundation and SMORBA who secured support from the US Cycling Foundation to begin construction on the first BMX track in the Caribbean-from where they hope to launch a Jamaican into the 2016 Olympic games. It’ll be like Usain Bolt meets the Jamaican Bobsled Team!!!!

As always we share much respect with our loyal supporters and hope we can add new members to our family this year.

Stay tuned for some exciting events we are planning for this summer…


The EAASY Foundation management team